Rich T


“Rich T is one of those guys who wears about a hundred hats, and each hat is connected to some aspect of tattooing. He is truly a defender of the historical flame through the ever-expanding Ohio Tattoo Museum and Temple Tattoo and Piercing. He owns and works at Temple Tattoo. He also owns and runs Bicknee Tattoo Supply.” – Chris Pfouts – International Tattoo Art magazine (7/07)

Rich grew up in southeast Ohio. After high school, he began to pursue a music career. Rich spent a number of years exploring the country and living in different major cities like New York, Cleveland, Milwaukee, and L.A.. At 30, Rich already had a number of friends in the tattoo business and he started to work as a tattooer himself. Rich opened Temple in ’96, and some 20 years later, he is still tattooing (here and there) from the space.

Rich does limited tattooing as well as museum tours by appointment.